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Appointment Setting

  • Build targeted prospect lists
  • Warm up your Email domain to improve email deliverability
  • Craft personalized email outreach templates
  • Run Email outreach
  • Run LinkedIn outreach
  • Provide meeting-ready-leads
  • Provide weekly reports
  • Weekly/Monthly sync calls
  • Slack or Skype connect
  • Minimum project duration: 3 months

Sales Consulting

Whether it’s refining your sales methodologies, streamlining your sales funnel, or implementing outbound sales solutions, our Sales Consulting service offers tailored advisory solutions. We begin with:

Success stories of our clients

+75% appointment rate growth and 15+ new booked meetings in 3 months for a software company
Helped launched a software company in the US and Canada and helped them get 15+ new booked meetings in 3 months