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How to Generate Leads on LinkedIn in 2024

In 2024, using LinkedIn to find new customers is still super important. Things on the platform change, so it’s key to know the latest ways to connect with people who might be interested in what you offer. By learning what’s new and how to use it, you can turn your LinkedIn connections into potential leads for your business.

Hootsuite Blog recently published that over 70% of marketers see LinkedIn as a reliable source where they can get a good return on their investment. In addition to that, data also shows that LinkedIn is used by over 1 billion people around the world. 

Now that its role has been established, let’s find out how businesses can generate leads on LinkedIn in 2024. 

1. Compelling Company Page

If your company has a strong brand image and takes pride in its identity, creating a unique company page on LinkedIn shouldn’t be challenging. But it’s crucial to give it the same importance as your website’s landing page. This page should have a professional feel to it, and remain active for any potential leads looking for information about your company. 

Ensure that your company page is filled out with accurate and up-to-date information about your company. This includes a compelling company description, logo, cover image, website URL, and contact details. Along with that, actively engage with your followers by responding to comments, messages, and inquiries in a timely and personalised manner.


How to Generate Leads on LinkedIn in 2024


2. Creating Content 

To use LinkedIn effectively for B2B Lead Generation, creating content which resonates with your demographic is the need of the hour. This will not only help you keep your existing audience engaged but also increase your chances of reaching your ideal demographic. 

Produce valuable content such as blog posts, articles, and case studies relevant to your target audience. Position yourself and your company as the thought leaders in your industry. By providing value and building trust, you’ll be able to drive brand awareness and establish authority. Ultimately, content marketing enhances brand perception, and drives profitable customer action.


How to Generate Leads on LinkedIn in 2024


3. Optimising for Reach

One of the less spoken and sought-after factors to use LinkedIn effectively for B2B Lead Generation is optimisation. Many LinkedIn creators and businesses do not realise the value optimisation with relevant keywords can bring in. Optimisation also includes writing a concise and compelling company description that communicates your value proposition. Don’t forget to include unique selling points, and what sets your business apart from competitors.

Furthermore, optimisation is directly linked with consistency. Consistency helps build brand recognition and establishes your company as a reliable source of valuable content. Once your company becomes the default source, optimisation becomes automatic and effortless. 


Optimising for Reach


4. Nurturing Relationships

Personalised communication is key, and LinkedIn’s interface has been built to nurture professional relationships efficiently. If you’re a company owner, LinkedIn provides you the chance to showcase the school of thought behind your brand in the best possible way. While other platforms push you to keep it precise, and stick to sales only, LinkedIn adds a human touch to your professional network. 

You can also provide exclusive insights and solutions to challenges. Hosting interactive events like webinars to stay relevant and connected with your audience is another way. Being proactive and genuine is the goal behind the method of using LinkedIn effectively for B2B Lead Generation. 


Nurturing Relationships


5. Participating in Groups                                 

Community building and having the ability to engage within a group of people as a company page or a business owner has its perks. For B2B Lead Generation, being open to the idea of educating others and sharing what value your company brings is necessary. Engaging in LinkedIn groups can make this task a lot easier. 

Moreover, join other groups as well to stay on top of your game and learn from others within your industry. This is a specular way to understand the sentiment of the people within the niche and pick up on gaps the market is constantly providing. 


Participating in Groups


6. Running LinkedIn Ads

Organic growth is priceless and positively impacts a company’s potential leads, but incorporating Ads smartly can help it exponentially. Leverage LinkedIn’s advertising platform to target specific demographics, job titles, industries, and company sizes. 

You can also utilise sponsored content, InMail, or display ads to reach your target audience effectively. No other platform gives you this level of access to key decision-makers, making LinkedIn ads a game-changer. Data also shows that LinkedIn Ads have a lower cost per click as compared to other platforms. So it’s not only efficient but also super cost-effective.


Running LinkedIn Ads


7. Utilizing LinkedIn Sales Navigator

Another way to use LinkedIn effectively for B2B Lead Generation is by signing up for a Sales Navigator service. Your company can consider it as your personalised sales assistant, but way smarter. Advanced search filters that let you get hyper-specific about who you’re targeting. It also gives you real-time insights and updates on your leads and accounts. 

Sales Navigator can help you collaborate with your sales team seamlessly. Share leads, notes, and insights to coordinate your efforts and maximise your impact. Additionally, if your company works with a CRM system closely, Sales Navigator makes it easy to sync your leads and activities across platforms.


LinkedIn Sales Navigator


8. Analysing LinkedIn Insights

The B2B Lead Generation campaigns being run by your company need to be assessed frequently to understand where you’re standing. LinkedIn provides insights which makes this job hassle-free as it takes up the responsibility of generating reports as per request. 

You can dive deep into the performance of your posts and articles. See how many views, likes, and comments each piece of content is getting, and use that data to fine-tune your content strategy for maximum impact. Besides that, LinkedIn insights let you compare your performance against industry benchmarks to see how you stack up against the competition.


How to Generate Leads on LinkedIn in 2024



In a nutshell, knowing how to use LinkedIn for B2B Lead Generation has become a necessity. With the right strategies, dedication, and a willingness to adapt, you can become a LinkedIn B2B Lead Generation powerhouse.

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LinkedIn offers tools to help you grow, which is a good reason to start making interesting posts on the platform. If you’re eager to know more about how SalesHarbor can help you curate a tailor-made LinkedIn strategy, reach out now.