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6 Ways to Generate Inbound B2B Leads in 2024

SalesHarbor specializes in providing outbound sales solutions, yet it recognizes the importance for businesses to diversify their lead generation strategies by successfully tapping into inbound avenues.

Here, we present six effective ways to generate inbound b2b leads in 2024, enhancing your overall approach to customer acquisition and engagement.

1. Lead Interactions

The worth of a human connection is unmatched and it has been proven time and again. If a company needs successful and credible leads, ensuring that employees can interact well is vital. Making an interactive activity a part of these interactions could do the trick as well. Tools such as quizzes or self-assessment surveys, to engage leads and simultaneously qualify them.

When leads actively participate in quizzes or surveys, they are investing time and effort into the interaction. This deeper engagement indicates a genuine interest in your content and a willingness to provide information. 

Lead Interactions serve as a powerful tool for collecting valuable data about your leads. The information gathered through quizzes or surveys can include preferences, pain points, industry challenges, and more. This data not only helps in better understanding the needs of your leads but also facilitates segmentation based on specific criteria. This, in turn, enables more targeted and personalized follow-up communication.


ways to generate inbound leads salesharbor


2. Virtual Events

In the post-COVID era, consumers and companies have become quite accustomed to virtual events to network and learn more about different services and products in the market. Webinars are a jackpot for a business generating leads as the engagement which occurs amidst these events can deeply reflect who these potential leads are. 

Furthermore, the number of attendees is an indication of the interest being taken in your business model. Breakout sessions are beneficial as people share thorough details about the sort of professional they are and what their expectations are from this event. 

A well-executed virtual event that attracts a large and engaged audience can enhance your brand’s reputation as an industry authority. The more actively attendees engage with your content and participate in discussions, the more likely they are to perceive your brand positively and view your company as a trusted resource.


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3. Brand Identity

Building an identity since the development of the business is the key. If a brand can blend into its customer’s lifestyle seamlessly, the identity has been established. The company has to work tirelessly to achieve this since in many cases it can involve giving back to the community, educating others, and bringing like-minded people under one roof. 

Measuring engagement in terms of how well your brand communicates consistently across various touch points such as the website, social media, emails, and events is crucial. Positive engagement metrics in this area indicate that your target audience is receiving a unified and coherent message. 

A strong and consistent Brand Identity fosters trust and credibility. When B2B leads encounter a brand that communicates a clear and trustworthy identity, they are more likely to engage and consider the company as a credible solution provider. Monitoring engagement based on brand identity metrics involves assessing how well your target audience resonates with your brand message, values, and the trust they place in your brand.


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4. Customer Satisfaction

Coming across companies which do not believe in providing after-sales services is not rare in the modern landscape of businesses. Providing top-notch customer satisfaction is underrated and can often make or break many businesses. Successful companies who care about customer satisfaction invest in their customer service departments and train their employees accordingly. 

Additionally, Satisfied customers are more likely to become advocates for your brand, leading to positive word-of-mouth marketing and referrals. As an engagement metric, Customer Satisfaction can be measured by the likelihood of customers recommending your business to others. 

Customer Satisfaction surveys and feedback mechanisms not only measure current satisfaction levels but also provide valuable insights for continuous improvement. Engaging with customers to gather feedback on their experiences allows your business to identify areas for enhancement and refinement. This engagement metric serves as a proactive approach to understanding customer needs and preferences, ensuring that your lead-generation strategies align with customer expectations.


6 Ways to Generate Inbound B2B Leads in 2024


5. Storytelling through Content

Connecting with your customers via engaging content and evoking emotions through your brand identity plays a significant role in successful lead generation. B2B buyers, like any other consumers, are influenced by emotions, and engaging stories can make your brand more relatable. Measuring engagement in terms of emotional responses, such as comments, shares, or time spent on storytelling content, indicates how well your narratives resonate with your audience.

Tapping into consumer psychology is another way storytelling can prove to be successful for your brand. Understanding what your target audience consumes and planning day-to-day content accordingly will yield long-term results. Moreover, the data from the implementation of these campaigns will give you a strong insight as well. 

Storytelling through your content can eventually become a strong tool to display your brand values. Airbnb is one of those famous companies which is known for this practice and many have learnt from their strategies. They run a series called “Host Stories” featuring the difference Airbnb listings have on hosts.


6 Ways to Generate Inbound B2B Leads in 2024


6. Rewarding Surveys 

As we’ve analyzed above, interacting with customers and ensuring their satisfaction is a pivotal moment for a company. The ideal method to conduct this is via surveys but time is valuable and not many choose to participate in these. This is why incentivizing feedback questionnaires and surveys is necessary. Once motivated by generous rewards, participants are more likely to respond accurately and provide qualitative data. 

Measuring engagement through participation rates in rewarding surveys allows you to assess the effectiveness of your incentive strategy. Higher response rates indicate that your target audience is motivated to share their insights, providing you with a more comprehensive understanding of their needs and preferences.

Surveys can effortlessly highlight the pain points and other major issues the stakeholders might be facing. This can also help companies develop stronger and better straggles for their upcoming campaigns. A recent example could be taken from the American fast-food chain, KFC. They took pride in acknowledging a problem and being able to fix it. KFC Canada bid goodbye to their ‘Soggy Fry Era’ with a playful yet rectifying campaign. 


6 Ways to Generate Inbound B2B Leads in 2024



In summary, SalesHarbor urges businesses to blend outbound and inbound strategies for effective lead generation. The six highlighted methods for inbound b2b lead generation offer a diverse toolkit for success, emphasizing the importance of human connections, virtual events, brand identity, customer satisfaction, storytelling through content, and rewarding surveys.

These approaches go beyond conventional methods, showcasing the significance of creativity and perseverance in building a unique lead generation funnel. Businesses can benefit from these strategies by fostering genuine engagement, enhancing brand reputation, and establishing lasting connections in the competitive B2B landscape.

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